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Meeting or Retreat Facilitation

Whether you’re pulling together a new team, making significant decisions, or starting a new project, having a meeting facilitator changes your experience.  I focus on guiding the discussion, managing assumptions and information, and collating all the data so you and your team can focus on fully participating.  Give yourself the gift of being fully present, and let me take care of the administrative details.

Strategy Development

If you’re looking to grow your organization, manage change, or increase your resilience, strategy development is for you.  Unlike traditional strategic planning processes, my strategy development framework is quick, efficient, adaptable, and actionable.  Don’t spend months drafting a plan that is outdated by the time it’s finished.  Instead, I’ll work with you to draft strategies that will quickly pull your organization toward the future you want to create.

Business Meeting
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Executive Team Coaching

For those looking to develop the skills to enable you to think like a futurist, executive coaching is your path.  I coach individuals or teams through three practices—thinking in multiple futures, thinking in systems, and thinking beyond automatic assumptions—that will allow you to make better decisions every day.  We work together within your organization so that you can see the impact of these practices in your daily work and never have to guess how to make these practices apply.

Meeting or Retreat Facilitation includes:

  • Identifying with the meeting organizers the top priorities for discussion.

  • Structuring the meeting conversation to capture all necessary information.

  • Facilitating the meeting so that all members of the organization can participate in the conversation without needing to guide it.

  • Capturing ideas and insights from all the participants.

  • Helping identify the bias in the discussion and working to eliminate it or find information to support it.

  • Organizing and sharing the information and insights captured during the meeting.

Strategy Development includes:

  • Facilitating meetings with the leadership team to capture the information needed for strategy creation.

  • Drafting strategies for the organization within the strategic foresight framework.

  • Helping identify first actions to take and the markers the organization needs to be watching for to determine the effect of those actions.

  • Training the leadership team in the use of strategic foresight tools to better execute their strategies.

Executive Team Coaching includes:

  • Working with the leadership team to identify which individuals need to be involved in the organization’s strategy efforts.

  • Training those individuals in the use of strategic foresight tools to develop a futurist mindset, make strategic decisions, and execute strategies effectively.

  • Providing on-going review of any strategies, projects, or initiatives developed by the team.

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